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Property Deed Transfer Services

A quit claim deed is a document that changes ownership of real property from one person(s) to another. It is common to take a name off of the title or add a name to the title with this type of document. This document will then need to be notarized and recorded with the county recorder's office. This can be done by mail or in person.

Property transfer deeds can be done via email, we will just need the address of the property, the name or names that the deed is in now and the name or names that the deed will be transferred to and the reason for the transfer. We have been doing property transfer deeds since 1997 and make transferring your deeds easy for you, no need to look for the legal description as we can usually obtain this information online. The cost is only $125 for us to prepare your property transfer deed and can usually be done and emailed in an hour. Our service includes the preliminary change of ownership, this form reduces the amount of recording fees. Call today for more info on property transfer deeds!

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